Beverley F. Wright
Irene Brown on Beverley Wright
Beverley Wright is an Aberdeen University graduate, an artist, actor, writer and singer who brings enormous vitality and colourful splendour to her spoken word. Her first book of poetry, Songs from the Heart and Elsewhere, was launched by Tightlaced theatre, where she is poet in residence. In this second collection of poems, Songs from the Hilltop and Beyond, her work ranges from birth to death, with parenthood, sibling rivalry, love and loss, fears and flights of fancy, and ageing in between. Many of her poems are laced with keen observation and personal memories; some reflect a lively sense of humour (the companion pieces Hot and Cold, for example). She writes a series of mono rhymes in Tattoo, where the problem of a usurped lover is addressed with a light and comic touch.

While Beverley writes mainly in English, there are a number of poems written in Scots and it is in her Scottish voice that her dialogue and her sharp observational eye are most acute. Her comic poems Bad Hair Day, Shaggy Dug Story and Shona's Date are perfect for her vital readings. She also takes on male voices in the childlike and funny Wizard's Wish and in Archie's Prayer, a poem about Scottish football.

Her work, largely written with metre, rhyme, internal rhymes and rhythm is honest, positive and heartfelt, showing her fine ear for the comedy in any situation while giving a personal commentary on social situations.

Irene Brown, for Beverley's new book
Songs from the Hilltop & Beyond
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