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Beverley F. Wright
Playing God (Songs from the Heart & Elsewhere)

Our son,
Our only son,
In our image,
The only one
As precious to us
As Jesus.

We try to play God.
Get him to follow our way
Saying We are the truth
And the light.
But, try as we might,
The careless confidence of youth
Leaves us defeated.

We sigh and pray God
In vain. Our hollow voices
Offering salvation -
But in the cold light of day,
Try as we may,
Hell become his own Creation -
Once weve retreated.

Of course its absurd
To expect a word
Of anything we say
To be heard
And, in spite of our insistence,
With adolescent persistence
Hell make his own mistakes
And do what it takes
To become certain -
His own person -
In this terminal existence                                              
                                   We call life.

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