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Beverley F. Wright
Open Wide (Songs from the Heart & Elsewhere)

They wrote a note to tell me
That my check-up is now due,
And made me an appointment
So I wouldn’t have to queue.
It’s all in strictest confidence,
There’s really nothing to it.
No need to fear embarrassment
They’ve got a nurse who’ll do it.

She wears a bright white uniform
And keeps it nice and clean.
Her instruments are sterilised
(She knows about hygiene).
She’s got a pair of rubber gloves
And knows her way about -
And by the time she’s done with you
She’ll know you inside out.

“This may be uncomf’table”
She warns you with a grin
And talks about the holidays
As the instrument slides in.
It only takes a second
But it seems a longer while -
“Till next time” she calls cheerily -
That’s cervix with a smile!

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