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Beverley F. Wright
Songs from the Hilltop & Beyond

Songs From the Hilltop & Beyond is Beverley F. Wright’s second collection of poems. As Irene Brown notes in this new publication, Beverley's work:

"ranges from birth to death, with parenthood, sibling rivalry, love and loss, fears and flights of fancy, and ageing in between. Many of her poems are laced with keen observation and personal memories; some reflect a lively sense of humour...

Her work, largely written with metre, rhyme, internal rhymes and rhythm is honest, positive and heartfelt, showing her fine ear for the comedy in any situation while giving a personal commentary on social situations."

Read the full notes here.

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Songs from the Heart & Elsewhere

Songs From the Heart & Elsewhere is Beverley F. Wright’s first book: a collection of poems written over a number of decades. For the most part they are observational works about everyday things and the lives of the ordinary person. Many are in a humorous vein, although in some the mood is more serious and thoughtful.

The subject matter is diverse, covering a variety of topics from death to cheese graters and from wasps to mobile phones, and includes a few poems written in Scots dialect.

The book also features original artwork by the poet herself.


Songs From the Heart & Elsewhere
can be ordered from reputable retailers, including Blackwell Bookshop and Waterstone's, and via direct e-mail (RRP £8.99).

Some poems from
the collection:

Open Wide

Playing God

Annie's Bunnet

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